Best Inline Skates for kids under 1500 Rs in India 2020

Are you looking for Best Inline Skates for kids under 1500 Rs. ? These best roller skates shoes are for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-year-old child's. Skating is a fun sport and is quite popular among kids and they like this sport very much. Here you will explore some of the most popular and best-selling brands available today.

Advantages of skating:

  1. Easy on the joints.
  2. Great as a cross-training exercise.
  3. Good for mood.
  4. Great for improving balance, agility, and coordination.,
  5. Strengthen the heart, Improve endurance.


Best Inline Skates for kids under 1500 Rs

#1. Jonex Tenacity Roller Skates

Jonex Tenacity Roller Skates - Best Inline Skates for kids under 1500


  • Zinc plated fitted roller skates.
  • Tenacity wheels 55mm. diameter with brake.
  • Synthetic flaps and straps.
  • Size 3-10 US (Expandable)
  • Ideal for 6 years & above.
  • Adjustable size.
  • Comes at affordable prize.

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#2. SLYK Pro lite Roller Skates Shoes

SLYK pro lite roller skates -


  • Adjustable skates, there are two clips under bottom of skates used for size adjustment.
  • Toe stop brakes.
  • Unisex- Suitable for both Boys and Girls.
  • Laces up front for firm fit.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Cheap prizes.

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#3. Veera V-732 In-Line Skates

Veera V-732 In-Line Skates


  • Soft shoe shell with velcro cinch strap & lever buckle across the top.
  • Frame material- High grade polished aluminium chessis.
  • Closure system- Laces and ankle snap.
  • Low rolling resistance.
  • Recision power transmission.
  • Shoes with adjustable length.

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#4. Cosco Tenacity Super Roller Skate (Marron)

Cosco Tenacity Super Roller Skate (Marron)


  • Rubber wheels move smoothly.
  • Adjustable size with brake.
  • Comes with Laces and skate key.
  • Ultra double wheels.
  • Double shock absorber.
  • Has a Brake Knob in the front.

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#5. JJ Jonex High Quality Super Attack Quad Roller Skates

JJ Jonex


  • Steel chassis with special rubber type synthetic wheels 56mm. diameter.
  • Extra light weight with everlasting stockers and brakes.
  • Matching flops and straps.
  • Begginer,intermediate,advanced skates.
  • Shoe size - 3-10 UK.

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#6. Cosco Zoomer Roller Skates

Cosco Zoomer Roller Skate


  • Synthetic wheel and adjustable size ,One wrench for size adjustment.
  • Suitable for shoe size for Junior - 16.5 to 19.5cm.
  • Suitable for shoe size for Senior - 19.5 to 26.5cm.
  • These are adjustable products and can be adjusted according to the shoe size.

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Now you can choose desired roller skates for your kid based on your budget.We do understand that there are others which may be preferred over the ones we have chosen; if so, do let us know in the comment section.

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