Best Travel Backpacks in India 2019

If you’re between jobs, business, kids, or relationships, even small trip can be a perfect way to move from your routine life into your happening and adventurous time. It’ll give you a chance to reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where you want to end up. So buy a awesome travel backpack and book your tickets. If  you don't have good backpack, buy one for you from 7 best travel backpacks under 2000 rs in India list.

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Best Travel Backpacks in India


#1. Wildcraft 45 litrs Orange Rucksack

wildcraft -best travel backpacks

  • The water-resistant nylon material seems really tough and everything seems extremely well made with metal zips, durable plastic clips, precision stitching and no loose threads.
  • The design of backpack is longer than most, with a large 45 litre capacity that can definitely hold a lot of gear.
  • The design allows you to carry a lot while remaining comfortable, lightweight and offering top protection.
  • All the areas that come into contact with your body are well padded and covered in a breathable mesh that helps air circulate.

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Mount Track Gear Up 9103 Rucksack-best travel backpacks

  • This 50 litre Rucksack from Mount Track has padded shoulders straps and cushioned back for comfort and back support.
  • It's slim shape provides freedom of arm movement and stability in situations requiring good balance.
  • This backpack has Laptop Compartment compatible with 15" laptop.
  • Additional Nylon Rain Cover that makes the bag 100% waterproof. Moreover, it has Sweat Resistant back.

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Gleam 0109 climate proof rucksack-best travel backpacks

  • Its slim shape provides freedom of arm movement and stability in situations requiring good balance.
  • This backpack's technical back system is designed for alpine sports and high-grade routes. Moreover, metal rod stay for comfort and back support.
  • This gleam rucksack has the adjustable hip belt that helps in weight division from shoulders.
  • it has additional bottom compartment for used cloths and shoes and also is waterproof.
  • One of best travel backpacks under 2000 rs in India.

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Inlander 79L Travel Backpack-best travel backpacks

  • It has large compartment for cloths and have some small compartments for water-Bottle and mobile-Chargers etc.
  • This rucksack has two padded adjustable shoulder strap for long trekking.
  • This Inlander backpack has a metal support for back which is amazing.
  • You can trust this product as i bought this bag 2 year ago and still working fine.
  • I recommend this bag only if you want huge backpack, otherwise go with the TOP 3 backpacks.

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Wildcraft Polyester 36 ltr Backpack-best travel backpacks

  • You can carry your laptop anywhere as this backpack has Laptop Compartment compatible.
  • It has capacity: 36 liters, Dimensions: 8.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 19 inches (LxWxH) which is spacious.
  • It has 3 compartment, so you can carry your 3-4 days clothes easily in it.
  • This Wildcraft backpack is water-proof and come up with 5 year of manufacturer warranty.

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F Gear Luxury 25L Backpack-best travel backpacks

  • This F Gear stylish looking bag is best selling bag of Flipkart 2016 and 2017.
  • This full-featured pack makes space for everything essential with multiple zip pockets on the exterior.
  • It has a separate compartment for laptop with other storage solutions.
  • This bag is water-proof and has 1 year of manufacturer warranty.
  • I personally recommend this bag if you are looking for medium size backpack. One of the best travel backpack in India.

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Da Tasche Discover 50L Rucksack-best travel backpacks

  • This Da Tasche rucksack is resilient to common damages like tearing and ripping, as it has been crafted from high quality material.
  • backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, which allow you to alter the height of the load.
  • The rucksack comes with extra padding to support your back. 
  • Moreover the rucksack comes with a raincover & laptop compartment as well.
  • This bag has been equipped with two aluminium stays which help the rucksack take the shape of your body.

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These were the 7 Best Travel Backpacks in India, Did we miss your favourite one or you have other Backpacks for this list, make sure to share with us in comment down below..

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