Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets in India

Li-Ning racket are getting popular in badminton players due to its Advance technology and Superb QualityEven if you are a beginner, an intermediate or an Advanced badminton player, you can find the perfect Racket that ensures exceptional, all-round performance.Moreover, the range of badminton rackets from Li-Ning combine incredible power to ensure a fast and controlled swing. Here's the list of 5 Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets in India that beat out in terms of  design, quality, Power, and durability

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Best Li-ning Badminton rackets in India

#1. Li-Ning G-Tek 38 II

Li-Ning G-Tek 38 II - Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

  • Li Ning G-TeK Series Features a stylish, multi-colour form that looks good in your hands as well.
  • Its frame if made of Aluminium which makes it Durable. As a result it is one of the best li-ning badminton rackets under 2000.
  • The racket made of ultra rigid carbon fibers with higher strength and rigidity, sustainable for more string tension, and reducible to the risk of frame deformation. 
  • Since The Racket is made of ultra strong material, it has optimum rigidity to bear higher tension for exact and Steady strokes
  • It is equipped with Isometric Frame head shape. With Isometric shape, Badminton players will get enlarged sweet spot which will give more power and opportunity to hit powerful Smashes and 3rd line shots.
  • This Racket is suitable for Intermidiate badminton players.

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Li-Ning G-Tek 90 Muscle - Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

  • Li-Ning G-Tek 90 is a flexible flex badminton racket with Aluminium frame and Graphite Shaft.
  • The 7.0 mm top Slim Shaft design provides extreme Strength and easier free Control.
  • This Racket has G2 grip and is equipped with dynamic-Optimum frame i.e. enlarged effective defense area and higher hitting point which allows severe Smashes.
  • G Tek 90 represent to Ultra Sharp Series and has a Perfect balance with Racket weight and moving inertia and Aerodynamics, which give less air resistance and as a result of same player feels fast Racket Swing.
  • The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.
  • The Racket is perfect for Beginners who love to play as an All-Rounder.

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Li Ning G Force Power 1500 - Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

  • The Li-Ning G-Force Super Light series is built for unrivaled Agility with very light weight Carbon fiber which can even sustain deformation and is equipped with S2 grip configuration.
  • This racket extremely powerful and destructive for opponent. It provide you 2.8% shuttle speed with 7.8 % less drag force which eventually results into Powerful hitting with Optimum control over shots. 
  • Aerotec-Beam System i.e. an extra aerodynamic badminton racket frame structure that is specially engineered to minimize air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame.
  • The structure and shape of rackets frame section have extreme low drag coefficient and high intensity, to enable the player’s performance in various shots.
  • Li-ning G Force Power 1500 is developed with Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which gives enlarged sweet spot results into more hitting area and increased bounce strength

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Li Ning SS 98 G4 - Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

  • Super series badminton racket is a 4th generation badminton racket, developed by Li-Ning.
  • The racket is made of Ultra rigid Carbon fibers that provides higher Strength and Rigidity to bear tension for exact and steady strokes. Also Reduces the risk of frame deformation.
  • It is Equipped with soft flex, Stabilized Torsion Angle, High Tensile Slim Shaft, S2 grip size, increased Swing Speed(better smashes and fast drive shots) and Wing stabilizer technology(more Control and Accuracy). 
  • This Racket has Advanced Aerotec beam technology which give perfect Rigidity to racket frame. It will helps in providing Stability during fast shot placement. More stability will helps in accurate drop shots, Cross Corner drop shots and high Angle drive shots.
  • Li-Ning SS-98 is designed for Intermediate/Advanced players with powerful fast Racket Swing.

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Li-Ning 70 II G-Tek Carbon Fiber- Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

  • Li-Ning 70 II G-Tek Carbon Fiber is made up of Aluminium head & graphite High tensile slim shaft.
  • It is equipped with Dynamic optimum frame.
  • Li-Ning is known to provide Good quality badminton racket and this is one of the best.
  • The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.
  • All-round optimized design improves racket mechanical structure for more efficient attack and defense system.
  • The sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe smash by dynamic-optimum frame.

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Li-Ning Q10 JR -Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

  • The Li-Ning Q10 has a high tensile slim shaft and a dynamic optimum frame.
  • This Racket has a Even head balance and an Isometric head shape.
  • The racket uses Dynamic optimum frame that delivers exceptional offensive and defensive play characteristics and includes an enlarged sweet spot for high repulsion performance.
  • The High tensile strength make the racket durable and allows one to hit powerful shots.
  • It is meant for beginners who love to play as an All-rounder.
  • The Racket is equipped with a Grip Size of S2.
  • It is one of best Li-Ning badminton rackets in India.

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Whatever your playing ability, there is a Li-Ning badminton racket for your game which can advance your gaming Skills. These were the 6 Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets Available in India. 

Did we miss your favourite one or you have some other Li-Ning Racket for this list, make sure to share with us in comment down below..

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