12 Great Travel Hacks To Save Your Money

Travel is important because it transforms us fundamentally, it gives us a break from our daily routine by unplugging us from technology and engaging us in new activities, new places and giving us an opportunity to think in new directions, travel hacks play a vital role here.

Although picking up your bags and storming out seems like an obvious choice, a little planning can make your trip easier as you won't have to worry about these tiny little annoying problems that can spoil the fun, So here are 12 great travel hacks you need to know so that you can use them when you plan your next trip!

Travel Hacks

1.Enable private browsing while booking flights and hotels online.

12 Great Travel Hacks You Need To Know

Travel sites often track your visits and raise the prices only because you've visited before.

2.Inform your credit card company beforehand if you are traveling overseas.

                    12 Great Travel Hacks You Need To Know

These travel hacks will help you to save you money.

About a week before your departure date, call the credit card issuers for the cards you intend to take along on your trip and give them an overview of your itinerary. Not providing prior travel notification places you at risk for an emergency freeze once you begin using your credit card(s) internationally.

There are some other perks of doing so like...

  • you can get notified if any foreign transaction fee is applied to your transactions overseas. 
  • your credit card company may offer you free or discounted insurance for your trip.
  • they will inform you if any travel or holiday packages are available at that time.

3.Keep scanned copies of important documents.

12 Great Travel Hacks You Need To Know

Losing your identification and travel documents can be a true hassle on a trip, to avoid this stressful situation keep soft copies of your documents like... 



3.Driver's License

4.travel insurance etc. 

you can keep a backup of these by sending them to your own email account or in a memory stick.


4.Use your space wisely.12 Great Travel Hacks You Need To Know

For some people packing is the biggest obstacle that they have to overcome before leaving for a trip.Instead of folding your clothes try rolling them.This will allow you to use the space inside your bag more efficiently than folding them!

Invest money in one of these TRAVEL JACKETS or CARGO PANTS  which will make it easy for you to keep all the useful stuff organized on the go...

12 Great Travel Hacks You Need To Know

Buy  VERSATYL -  Multi-Utility Travel Jacket with 18 pockets and 29 features

5.Use tissue paper to avoid wrinkling.

Ok.....so we all know some of our clothes can't be rolled and squished into the suitcase, as they are too fragile for that.Even folding them can cause wrinkles on them.To avoid this use tissue paper while folding them so they'll be as good as new when you want to wear them during your trip.You can also use Dry-cleaning bags for this purpose!

6.Be smart in organizing your makeup.

Packing all of your makeup products during travel can be especially tricky.

Follow these tips to make it easier....

  • Cushion your compacts.


Buy Joly Powder Puff for Makeup Face Powder for Set of 5 (3 Pieces) 

Cover your compacts with either a cotton ball or the application pad that came with the product by placing it inside the compact with the product.This will act as a shock absorber, thus protecting your valuable product.

  • Be sneaky! Use Multipurpose products.


Colorbar All Day Lip & Cheek Color Blush Stick  (Orange Amber-003)

Pack as many multi purpose products as possible when you travel in order to simplify the process ...for example, Many brands offer a single product that can be used on Lips, eye shadow and Cheeks, all you need is 3 different types of brushes.Tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams can be used as Moisturiser, Sunscreen, Foundation, and Concealer!

  • Use Facial wipes instead of a facial wash for removing makeup.


          Buy L'Oreal Paris Ideal Skin Make Up Removing Towelettes in just Rs.300 (29% off)

This is one of the Personal  favorites travel hacks of mine. Facial cleansing wipes are not only great for removing makeup and dirt from the all day escapade but they also give you an alternative for traveling with bulky face cleanser bottles. 


7.Use an anti-static sheet or dryer sheet to keep your clothes fresh.


  Buy Bounce Dryer Sheets-Fresh Linen-80 ct (free delivery)

These little dryer sheets can be used for more than just softening or eliminating static cling with your clothes in your dryer. Tuck dryer sheets between items in your suitcase to keep them smelling fresh.They can also be used to get rid of the "old" smell that some hotel towels have.Tuck one of these in and the towel will smell like "just washed".

8.Make shampoo bottles spill proof by using a plastic wrap.


Packing hacks are very important. Imagine what a horrific sight it would be if you open your bags and your clothes are ruined just because the lid of your shampoo wasn't tight enough....No worries!! Just unscrew the lids of your shampoo and conditioner bottles, put a plastic wrap on their lids and then screw them tight and Voilá!! Now you won't have to go through the sheer horror of finding all your clothes ruined due to spilled shampoo. 

9.Use your old glass case to keep your headphones/chargers safe!

These will keep your headphones from tangling and you can find them easily.

10.Use shower caps to pack your shoes.

This will prevent the dirt on the soles of your shoes from ruining your clothes.

11.Stuff it!


Stuff your socks, pouches, and shoes with other items you need to bring such as accessories or small gadgets. This saves a lot of storage space. 

12.Keep a souvenir.

While photographs and videos are enough to make memories.A souvenir will also remind you of the wonderful time that you've spent in that beautiful place.Souvenir collecting can be a lot of fun when you travel. Whether they're free, cheap, or pricey, the souvenirs you gather and collections you create become symbols of special places you visited and experiences you had.So either buy or collect a little something to remember that place by.

And there you go!......these were some travel hacks to make your trip even more enjoyable.Which one was your favorite?

Share your personal packing or travel hacks in the comments down below!

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